General FAQs

What is Innovate My Curriculum?

Innovate My Curriculum saves Primary and Secondary Teachers time and effort in planning, recording and assessing their Computing curriculums with confidence and ease.

How will this make my life as a teacher easier?

You'll have access to thousands of preloaded Learning Outcomes, Activities and teaching resources from educational suppliers.

Resources are all mapped to the Computing Progression Pathways and the National Curriculum to monitor coverage.

Record and assess both subject content knowledge and computational thinking, using meaningful pre-built mark books and reports reports to meet Ofsted’s and the Department for Education’s expectations.

How do I advocate Innovate My Curriculum to my School’s Senior Leadership team?

Innovate My Curriculum adapts to suit your school curriculum. It supports you and your colleagues with:

  • Saving time and money is selecting appropriate teaching resources that meet your curriculum and learners needs.
  • Share your Learning Journeys, and access Learning Journeys shared by other teacher nationally to save you re-inventing the wheel.
  • Effectively integrate and adapt teaching resources into your curriculum planning and ensure you have a full and balanced curriculum to meet Ofsted’s expectations.
  • Record and assess your Computing curriculums to meet Ofsted’s expectations with confidence and ease.

Why can't I simply buy Learning Journeys from an educational suppliers?

Learning Journeys (Schemes of Work) from educational suppliers cannot be used off the shelf. There is always a need to adapt teaching resources in some way to:

  • Meet the needs of learners
  • Keep them relevant over time
  • Combine Learning Journeys to meet the curriculum
  • Ensure curriculum coverage

Innovate My Curriculum provides you with the support and functionality to do this.

What training do you offer?

We have put together a range of Training Opportunities for your to choose from.

  • We are working with a commercial training organisation to offer paid for train-the-trainer courses run by members of the Innovate My Curriculum team on effective planning and assessment of Computing and Computational Thinking.
  • We are giving Innovate My Curriculum to Teacher Training Providers for free. We will run workshops at these centres, with spaces for Lead Teachers from schools using Innovate My Curriculum.
  • We are growing a series of video guidance and tutorials, that can be accessed through the application once signed up.

What platforms does it work on?

Innovate My Curriculum is a web-based service that you can access through any modern browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Access it on-the-go with Apple iOS, Android or Windows Mobile tablets and smartphones.

No installation required!

My school does not use the Computing Progression Pathways?

Computing Progression Pathways is just one interpretation of the breath and depth of Computing.

If your teaching resources map to your own custom assessment framework then we would like to see if we can support your needs.

My school is not based in the UK and does not use the British National Curriculum, can Progression Pathways support us?

Computing Progression Pathways is an interpretation of the subject of Computing and it is focused on continual learning, it isn’t aligned to any single National Curriculum.

We have plans to upload other curriculums, assessment frameworks and adapted versions of the Computing Progression Pathways - making teaching resources more relevant globally. Please reach out to us at if you would like to work with us.

Do you have plans to support Key Stage 4 and Key 5?

We plan to support a range of KS4 and KS5 resources in the future.

Who are Innovate My Curriculum?

Innovate My Curriculum is a team of current and former teachers with a range of educational experiences, with a common aim to support Computing in the curriculum. The needs of the classroom teacher have always been at the heart of all design decisions.

Is Innovate My Curriculum anything to do with Computing At School?

Innovate My Curriculum is not connected to Computing At School.