App Features

Discover the features that help you Plan, Record and Assess your Computing curriculums with confidence and ease.

Plan Free Forever

Combine free and paid-for resources to plan a creative and inspirational Computing curriculum for your learners - all mapped to the National Curriculum and Computing Progression Pathways.


Access thousands of Learning Outcomes and Activities to use as building blocks for your Learning Journeys.

Learning Journeys

Make more informed choices using preloaded Learning Journeys from a range of educational suppliers.

Lesson Plans

Export lesson plans to PDF for use in the class room.

Record Premium

Record learner attainment using a simple traffic light system in markbooks built from your Learning Journeys.

Track Progression

Track learner progression by Learning Outcomes or Activities from pre-built markbooks.

Traffic Lights

Simple record keeping using traffic lights.

Learner Import

Import Learners details from your School Management Systems.

Assess Premium

A practical solution for assessment without levels. Build detailed learner profiles and generate reports by class and individuals.


A practical solution for assessment without levels that is relevant and impacts learners.


Present progression to learners and parents in a clear and simple way. Highlight gaps and identify trends in learners' subject knowledge and computational thinking.

Curriculum Coverage

Ensure the curriculum is broad and balanced and meets learner needs by viewing your school's coverage by National Curriculum and Computing Progression Pathways.

Journey Dashboard

Save time when colleagues are away, by quickly accessing all planning and markbooks via the Journey Dashboard!

No Install Required

No installation required. Secure access through any modern browser. Use on-the-go via tablets and smartphones.

Contact Support

Speak directly to our support team with any questions.

Mapped Resources

Save time building your curriculums using Learning Journeys from a range of educational suppliers that are mapped to the Computing Progression Pathways and National Curriculum.

Learning Journeys

  • CAS Barefoot Computing
  • Code Club
  • Code Kingdoms
  • Code.Org
  • Code Academy
  • Digital Schoolhouse
  • Hodder Education
  • Kuato
  • Microsoft Switched On Computing
  • Oxford University Press
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Rising Stars Switched On Computing
  • Teach Engineering


  • BBC
  • Bloomsbury 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Computing
  • Cambridge GCSE Computing Online
  • CS Unplugged
  • Computerphiles
  • Harvard University CS50
  • Hungarian Folk Dances to Teach Sorting Algorithms
  • Royal Institute Christmas Lectures 2008
  • University of Glasgow
  • And many more....

Contact with any schemes you'd like mapped.

Innovate My Curriculum has taken away the pain of mapping and assessing the computing curriculum and provides value for money several times over!

Selda Ziya
LEA Adviser

The user support I've received when using the software has been outstanding! We are looking forward to use it across the entire federation of schools.

Victoria Shepherd
Head of Computer Science

A great tool to aid planning and assessment of computing at an affordable price for all schools.

Mark Boylanm
Secondary Head of Department

I’ve been using Innovate My Curriculum to support my local primary schools to build a more effective transition in Year 7

Owen Hardin
Lead Teacher for Computing